A Pathology-Specific RCM Solution

Increase the financial and operational health of your practice with our team of experts offering a variety of flexible and full-service revenue cycle management solutions. We understand that medical billing is not a one-size-fits-all approach, as every practice has their own set of challenges and needs. Our team is dedicated to increase profitability by maximizing efficiency and productivity through a deep analysis of the front-end to back-end revenue cycle process with business intelligence, data analytics and total visibility into the financial health of your practice.

Revenue cycle management (RCM) reports of a successful pathology practice.

Pathology-Driven Solutions

Revenue Cycle Solution

It is imperative now more than ever that you collect every dollar due. This requires a comprehensive strategy to manage billing and collection operations. We understand the key elements of the revenue cycle and the impact it has on your practice. A strong revenue cycle begins with a detailed set of written financial policies, efficient workflow, appropriate technology and experienced billing staff. Let our team of experts strengthen your medical practice by managing the complex business aspects, streamlining day-to-day operations, improving cash flow, and planning strategically to support the growth and vision of your practice.


Our highly dedicated professionals offer consulting on all billing aspects of private practice to help you identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Our primary objective is to provide valuable insight to streamline your operations, minimize cost and maximize your full revenue potential. We focus on the goals of your practice by assessing your needs and provide recommendations to overcome obstacles and increase the financial and operational health of your practice.


Provider credentialing is a time-consuming but essential part of the revenue cycle process. Our team knows how to navigate this tedious process of enrollment, registration, credentialing and re-credentialing for physicians, mid-level providers and facilities.


Negotiating with insurance plans and understanding the terms and provisions in a payer contract is key to maximizing reimbursement. We are immensely familiar with the insurance marketplace and we know how to build contracts with favorable reimbursement levels. Let us negotiate your new or existing payer contracts to ensure you are receiving the maximum revenue potential.

Denial Management

We manage efficient communications between your practice, health insurers and patients. We follow a denial management process to investigate every unpaid and underpaid claim, uncover trends, and appeal denials or rejections appropriately according to the appeals process for each insurance carrier.

Audit & Performance Analysis

External and internal medical billing audits allow the practice to continuously adapt its processes for improved accuracy, which can lead to reduced risk and increased profitability. Our highly experienced consultants complete an assessment and provide education, consultation, comprehensive reports and recommendations for improvement.

Regulation & Compliance

The ever-growing compliance requirements of government laws, regulations, rules and guidelines adds levels of complexity to every medical practice. To ensure that the provisions of the regulations are met, organizations must implement a comprehensive compliance plan. We understand the fundamental elements to effectively develop and implement a compliance program to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Start-Up Practice Services

Invest wisely in the foundation of your practice to net the greatest return. Our team will work with you on every aspect of your start-up practice to help you build a disciplined, comprehensive and structured business.

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