The Road Map to Success

Building a road map to success should be every medical practice’s top goal, but it doesn’t always come naturally. In fact, setting up your lab is only one step of many in the journey to a successful pathology practice, which is why we have created the SigmaCore S.A.F.E. Business Development and Growth Program. Our executive leadership, business advisors and management team provide consultative services to bring healthy growth to your lab by providing strategy, analytics, focus and execution where your lab needs it most.

Our business insights prioritize business development and its many facets while maintaining operational efficiency and cost savings, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have increased revenue, lower cost-per-test ratios and manageable expenses to stay competitive.

Team collaborating to build a pathology practice business roadmap to success.

Do These Common Questions Look Familiar? We Can Help

  • My competition is fierce, how do I create a competitive edge?
  • How do I compete against national laboratories?
  • How do I help my sales team with targeting?
  • Do I need real-time analytics to make informed decisions?
  • Do I need to create marketing collateral?
  • Why is my website not working for me?
  • Do I need to build a brand for myself?
  • Why is my sales team underperforming?
  • Do I need to diversify my test menu?
  • How do I expand into new territories?
  • Is my marketing material outdated?
  • How do I establish key performance metrics?
  • Why are national payers blocking us from contracts?

Our S.A.F.E. Program Services Include:

Strategic Planning

Facility Planning, Consolidation & Restructuring
Enterprise Alignment
Quantum Change Planning & Management
Innovation, Capacity, and Opportunity Assessment & Planning
Balanced Scorecards
Exit Strategies

Data-Powered Decision-Making Tools

Data Analytics
Information Technology
System Evaluation & Selection
CRM Implementation
Market Opportunities
Fee Schedules

Development & Training

Sales Force Development & Targeting
Business Models
Legal Structure & Governance
Test Menus
Marketing & Design
Staffing, Testing & Send-Outs
Outreach Development & Management
Partners, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestiture Management

How it Works:

We listen to your challenges and professional goals.

We perform an analysis of your practice.

We customize a S.A.F.E. Business Development and Growth Program.

Together, we execute and drive results.

What You Can Expect:

There is no one-size-fits-all model or magic wand in the business development process. Not all business strategies are the same, nor will they generate the same amount of revenue for every practice. That’s why we want to help you find the business strategy that is right for you. Our S.A.F.E. program has worked time and time again due to its special focus on basic business principles seen in every successful and growing practice. Our approach is backed by decades of healthcare industry experience and designed to focus on your strengths while eliminating areas of risk. Let us be your partner and strategically build your road map to success.

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