“SigmaCore offers the solution to any pathology practice with one goal – to convert your cost center into a profit center while maintaining your independence, autonomy and decision-making.”

Who We Are

As pathology practice management consultants, we know better than anyone that pathologists and their practices are facing growing challenges in today’s world. On the one hand, scientific innovation, access to digital technology and the utilization of sophisticated testing is greatly benefiting patients’ diagnosis and clinical care. But on the other hand, the need for subspecialty expertise, navigating complex corporate business environments (including mergers and acquisitions), understanding TC/PC models and decreasing revenue have created logistical challenges to the sustainability of the pathology community across hospital and group practices.

We offer a unique and innovative approach to empower pathologists – whether they are working solo, in small groups or in large group practices. SigmaCore has created a platform by pathologists for pathologists to build, manage and optimize pathology practices everywhere. The SigmaCore model for successful pathology practice management is simple but thorough:

  • Provide access to pathology laboratory design resources that increase technical expertise
  • Enhance the capacity of your pathology practice
  • Expand your customer base
  • Provide access to established markets
  • Learn how to fully wield the prestige and caliber of your colleagues and our network
  • Reduce common pathology practice expenditures
  • Increase the net profit of your pathology practice
  • Maintain the autonomy of your pathology practice
  • Improve your personal quality of life while delivering exceptional diagnostic care

Simply put, SigmaCore offers the solution to any pathology practice with one goal – to convert your cost center into a profit center while maintaining your independence, autonomy and decision-making.

Pathology Practice Management Experts

Aamir Ehsan, MD - President and CEO at SigmaCore, Pathology Practice Management Consultants

Aamir Ehsan, MD
President & CEO


As a successful entrepreneur and leader of multiple national and global pathology-related businesses, Dr. Aamir Ehsan places a strong emphasis on understanding the business aspects of pathology and pathology practice management. Specifically, he has developed a focus on the complex rules of revenue cycle management, strategic growth (whether through organic means or M&A), networking, TC/PC compliance models, effective use of technology, cost-saving workflows, send-out triaging, access to sub-specialty trained pathologists and collaboration with peers, clinicians, hospital executives as well as other C-suite staff with the end goal of benefiting any practice, facility or health care system and ensuring the best patient care possible.

Dr. Ehsan is well-schooled and exceptionally credentialed in five boards by the American Board of Medical Specialties in anatomic and clinical pathology, hematopathology, molecular genetics and transfusion medicine. He obtained subspecialty training in transfusion medicine from Ohio State University and in hematopathology from the University of Texas Health at San Antonio. His expertise in these subspecialties provides a uniquely integrated diagnostic approach to hematopoietic disease processes. Dr. Ehsan has excelled as a national expert in the field of hematopathology, demonstrating proficiency in bone marrow, lymph node and tissue-based hematolymphoid neoplasms. His tenure as the Director of the Flow Cytometry and Molecular Genetics Laboratories at UT Health San Antonio has contributed to his extensive experience in cutting-edge testing related to the rapidly changing field of pathology.

As an outstanding communicator and educator in his field, Dr. Ehsan has earned multiple awards for excellence in teaching and has mentored many pathology residents as well as hematopathology and hematology/oncology fellows. During the last 20 years, Dr. Ehsan has served as a faculty member at UT Health San Antonio as well as Adjunct Professor at the University of Arizona. He has contributed significantly to scientific work in numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, authored textbook chapters and has been an invited speaker at national and international conferences.

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Bridget Herschap, MD - Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs at SigmaCore, Pathology Practice Management Consultants

Bridget Herschap, MD
Executive Vice President – Medical Affairs


Dr. Bridget Herschap graduated cum laude from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. She then went on to graduate from the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. While doing a combined and rigorous residency at UT Health in San Antonio, Dr. Herschap acquired excellent diagnostic, administrative and business skills in the field of pathology from leaders in the industry. She was also the delegate for residents for the College of American Pathologists.

Dr. Herschap is American board certified in anatomical and clinical pathology and is an actively practicing pathologist in a private laboratory.

She handles cases of varying natures on a daily basis, including cancer cytogenetics, fluorescent in-situ hybridization studies, molecular genetics, morphology, immunohistochemical stains, direct patient counseling/contact and manages numerous departments across multiple companies. A portion of Dr. Herschap’s time is spent mentoring the future of medicine. She hosts and teaches high school students, college students, medical students, and residents throughout the year, and she has led professional lectures for colleague physicians and mid-level providers. She enjoys presenting solutions for private and hospital-based laboratories as well as physician groups to improve operational efficiency and help them become successful. In addition to teaching within the medical field, Dr. Herschap has led community lectures to help broaden the public’s understanding of the future of medicine. She is an expert at balancing her day-to-day pathology duties along with academic teaching and the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Additionally, Dr. Herschap has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with bone marrow biopsy techniques. She has trained physicians and mid-level providers nationwide on how to perform optimal outpatient bone marrow biopsies. She frequently oversees and performs a vast array of outpatient, clinical and hospital-based bone marrow biopsy procedures.

Lastly, Dr. Herschap is an avid global citizen, as she frequently travels nationally and internationally. In addition to her work in the United States, Dr. Herschap is currently working on projects in Mexico, Southeast Asia and South America to extend diagnostic testing to patients in need in those regions of the world. She is the Founder, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of a company in Mexico that is building a laboratory to expand access to quality anatomical and clinical pathology as well as to introduce advanced and rapid cancer diagnostics.

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Curtis Loos - Executive Vice President of Business Operations at SigmaCore, Pathology Practice Management Consultants

Curtis Loos

Executive Vice President – Business Operations

Curtis Loos currently serves as the Director of Business Operations for a national cancer diagnostic reference laboratory that has expanded across 20 states under his leadership. Curtis also cofounded and ran his own successful medical billing company specializing in anatomic, clinical, and molecular pathology for 7 years. In addition, he spent over 12 years of his business development career in the pharmaceutical industry.

As an expert in business analytics, revenue cycle management, and pathology practice management, Curtis helps his clients build profitable fee schedules and test menus while identifying the best business models for them. His expertise in the pathology and laboratory industry combine well with his dynamic, cross-functional abilities to oversee, coordinate and assist practices in strategic business planning.

As part of his consulting services, he provides expert insight for major corporate decisions, client targeting, sales force development and directing of marketing strategies.

Curtis graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2001 and enjoys guiding clients through all stages of the journey to building a successful practice.

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Anna Wells - Executive Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management at SigmaCore, Pathology Practice Management Consultants

Anna Wells
Executive Vice President – Revenue Cycle Management


Anna Wells joined SigmaCore in 2016 as a Revenue Cycle Manager. Shortly thereafter, she was promoted to Executive Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management and has been a significant player in the company’s success. In this key leadership role, Anna oversees the development and execution of service delivery commitments to continuously drive cost performance, productivity, and profitable growth. She is responsible for the accounts receivable process, strategic initiatives, planning, program development, labor management and overall administration for the division of revenue cycle management (RCM).

Anna has more than 10 years of experience in receivables management for healthcare entities. She began her career in medical billing as co-owner and operator of a private medical revenue cycle company. Through this experience, she developed a passion to master the art of medical billing and maximize client revenue. She made it her mission to understand the complexities of the industry and dedicated her work to provide real solutions to meet the needs of clients.

Anna has demonstrated exceptional skills in pathology RCM with her in-depth understanding of lab information systems and their integration with RCM software with the end goal of effectively capturing the workload of pathologists. She pays meticulous attention to details so she can evaluate the client’s goals and build a team that suits their unique needs.

Prior to working in revenue cycle management, Anna spent 5 years in residential real estate and won numerous Top Sales awards. Anna was born and raised in Texas and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice.

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Atiq Malik - Executive Vice President of Information Technology at SigmaCore, Pathology Practice Management Consultants

Atiq Malik

Executive Vice President – Information Technology

Atiq Malik sets objectives and defines strategies for all information technology matters regarding SigmaCore and its clients. He designs and maintains internal as well as external technological systems and platforms for SigmaCore’s customers. Seen by many as a ‘Solutions Guy’, Atiq is capable of automating complex business workflows through the use of technology while keeping simplicity and the end-user’s experience in mind.

Atiq received his Master’s degree in Computer Science in 1996 and has been helping teams design enterprise-class software applications ever since. Before joining SigmaCore, he worked as an IT Consultant, traveling across the country and serving entities in multiple industries such as hospitality, banking, insurance, healthcare and more.

Imad Bakri - Director of Laboratory Development at SigmaCore, Pathology Practice Management Consultants

Imad Bakri

Director of Laboratory Development

Imad Bakri brings remarkable work experience and a strong background in chemistry, biology, and pathology practice management to SigmaCore. He has played an essential role in initiating, developing and implementing different laboratory testing methods in private labs. Imad has also introduced innovative technologies focusing on laboratory automation to improve workflow and turnaround times and has been a key driver in developing laboratory information systems and interfacing capabilities. For the past 11 years, Imad has helped several entities, including large and mid-size hospitals, reference laboratories and physician groups, establish their own in-house laboratories and/or expand their testing portfolios.

Imad received his Bachelor of Science Degree in General Biology before earning a Master of Science Degree in Pharmacy. He then held a research fellow position at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. There, Imad was involved in projects related to DNA damage and repair, employing various techniques, including cell culture, flow cytometry and molecular testing. During this time, he developed a strong interest in cytogenetics and molecular cytogenetics. Afterwards, he enrolled in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences program at the UT Health Science Center and earned his Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Cytogenetics. He is also an ASCP Certified Medical Technologist.

At SigmaCore, Imad enjoys building teams and helping existing groups improve and streamline their lab workflow for improved efficiency.

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Connie Cornish - Senior National Accounts at SigmaCore, Pathology Practice Management Consultants

Connie Cornish

Senior National Accounts


Connie Cornish brings over 20 years of proven success within the laboratory and pathology industry. Her expertise pulls from a wide range of molecular diagnostics, commercial labs, academia labs and independently owned pathology groups.

Connie holds a history of success in helping physicians maximize practice revenue and minimize the concerns of an ever-changing healthcare marketplace through quick adaptation. Recognized for strategic collaborations and testing partnerships, her passion is delivering on success for SigmaCore clients by implementing pathology solutions.

Connie is the primary point of contact for SigmaCore on a national level and takes the lead expanding into new regions. Her diverse set of experiences with revenue cycle management, next generation sequencing, pathology practice management and turnkey solutions for flow enhancement are a unique asset for all SigmaCore collaborations.

Jamie Spranger - Quality Assurance Manager at SigmaCore

Jamie Spranger

Quality Assurance Manager

In 2014, Jamie Spranger assumed the Quality Assurance (QA) Manager role. Since then, Jamie has developed a successful Quality Assurance program at a national cancer reference laboratory and also manages other QA programs and their individual needs at additional laboratory locations. She has developed documentation management programs and the tools necessary to streamline this key part of the pathology practice management process as well. Jamie has excellent skills in the composition of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for an array of topics. She is well-versed in inspection preparation for multiple agencies, resulting in successful year-after-year accreditations from CAP, COLA and CLIA. Her skills for inspection preparation have also geared her for auditing both internal and external laboratories.

She is a certified CAP inspector and has inspected multiple labs across the country.

As a QA Manager, Jamie is constantly in communication with individuals and entities both inside and outside of the lab. She possesses excellent written and oral communication skills and has led professional quality assurance and cytogenetics lectures for laboratory professionals, physicians, students and everyone in-between.

Jamie graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology. She went on to graduate from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio with a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Cytogenetics and she is also ASCP Certified in Cytogenetics. Through her experience and education, Jamie has developed her own QA mindset with the acronym VCORD (Validation, Communication, Organization, Review and Documentation). She strives for quality in all aspects of her role and fosters the mindset that everyone is part of quality, not just her team. She believes that the culture of quality encompasses every part of an organization, and this is the mindset that she brings to all QA projects for SigmaCore and its clients.

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Celina Perkins - Marketing Manager at SigmaCore

Celina Perkins
Marketing Manager


Celina Perkins is a professional graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in Adobe Creative Cloud software. For the past 5 years, Celina has produced internal and external documents, presentations and marketing collateral for multiple entities in the healthcare and laboratory industries. She is the primary individual responsible for all marketing projects. She works closely with sales teams to recognize business needs and form an objective, then leads creative projects through the brainstorming, drafting, and editing process while taking input from key decision-makers. Celina also oversees inventory and distribution logistics involved with all marketing projects. She has also assisted in event-planning preparations, including day-of execution and take-down procedures, ranging from small luncheons to full-day events with hundreds of guests at banquet venues. She also manages various forms of online presence, including social media outlets, website design, content organization and generation, and more.

Celina graduated summa cum laude from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Communications. Prior to joining SigmaCore, she worked in a creative agency environment where she provided print and digital marketing collateral for local and national brands. Her well-rounded marketing approach yields to highly functional and effective deliverables for SigmaCore’s clients.
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Joanna Brice - Human Resources Manager at SigmaCore

Joanna Brice
Human Resources Manager


Joanna Brice joined the SigmaCore team in 2012 after working for several years as a medical assistant and office manager. She is a seasoned human resource professional with extensive experience working in the hospital and healthcare industry. She oversees all employee-related matters including new hire orientation, company payroll, and personnel records. Joanna also acquires and maintains all physician medical licenses and credentialing.

Joanna graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government. She lives in San Antonio with her husband and two dogs. In her free time, she enjoys creating jewelry, acrylic painting and cooking.

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