A Single-Vendor IT Solution

SigmaCore IT offers a combination of technology solutions and services specifically designed for labs like yours to help you focus on everyday business tasks.

From the implementation of lab information system workflows to data integration possibilities, our team offers a range of solutions designed to help you automate workflows and get the most out of different operational areas of your lab. We provide a single-vendor IT solution to all your practice technology needs.

IT Help Desk: 24/7 IT Support for Your Practice

SigmaCore IT takes 24/7 IT service to a new level since we understand our customers’ healthcare business environment, system variables and technical requirements. All this equips us as the ideal technical support services partner. Our technical support services are specially designed to address the growing needs of the modern-day pathology practice for reliable pre-sales and post-sales technical support. We offer dedicated 24/7, 365-days-a-year technical support for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 tiers based on individual client needs to make sure your lab is operational around the clock without any technical hiccups or glitches.

  • Alignment with business needs
  • Transformation support
  • Adoption of next generation methodologies
  • Telnet management
  • Agile delivery model
  • Project management framework
  • Governance support
  • Business continuity
  • Enterprise application software
  • Anti-virus & security software
  • Messaging & collaboration software
  • Operating systems, storage back-up software
  • Servers
  • Storage devices
  • Modems, switches & adapters
  • Wired & wireless routers
  • DSL, IPLC & IPVPN connectivity
  • VoIP devices & connectivity
  • Mobility devices & connectivity
  • Communication systems
  • Cost minimization for support
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Issue resolution
  • SLA improvements

LabVizor LIS: Lab Information System

LabVizor LIS is the product of a 12-year-long development effort by industry experts with a focus on ease of use and fast turnaround times. Covering not only typical users from accessioning to reporting, LabVizor LIS offers modules for billing and sales team members as well for complete end-to-end operational excellence and reporting.

Access files from any computer through the cloud and bypass hardware issues and downtimes.

Give your pathologists control over their reports by using our custom layout templates. We also offer interfacing capabilities so users can insert visuals directly from your slide imaging system.

Conveniently view all incoming reports from a patient on a single row without scrolling. This helps the lab handle 3x more volume compared to other leading LIS applications.

We provide a built-in communication and notification system for workflow optimization among your lab users.

Do you have users working remotely? Log in to lab or client portals only once as you access patient cases.

Access reports anytime from anywhere without worrying about compliance and data privacy.

LabVizor CRM: More Power to Sales and RCM

Data is power, and LabVizor has internal as well as external data elements to help your sales team find any information they might need. From identification of prospects across the country and review of existing client performances to revenue calculations and automatic commission estimates for your sales representatives, LabVizor CRM lets you grow your business based on real market data, not assumptions.

Sales Reps Portal

LabVizor CRM gives sales reps the visibility they need to excel. Once logged in, reps can see cases, revenue trends, commission and more from the clients they have signed up.

Customer Input/Profiling

Capture information during site visits using our simple mobile application. Reps can also submit customer set-up requests online for an easy and streamlined account set-up workflow.

Data Analysis and Charting

Apply filters and grouping options to easily retrieve specific summary reports, trends, or charts regarding cases, revenue, cancellations and more. Custom reporting is also available along with 3rd party data analysis services.

Marketing Tools/Integration

Communicate with existing and potential customers via emails and text messaging from within LabVizor CRM or use our third party integration capabilities.

Inventory Management

We offer enterprise-grade inventory management software through third party integration to help you standardize your inventory and production processes. This cloud-based software lets you grow, manage, analyze and automate each phase of your business using an online, centralized platform.

Software Interfacing: Client-Side Applications & Equipment

An interface engine (also known as an integration engine) is a software program that processes data between numerous healthcare IT systems. SigmaCore IT works with the nation’s leading interfacing solution providers for your data connectivity, conversion, integration and exchange needs from any software applications and platforms you may be using.

Services Offered: 

  • Designing interface solutions to meet the specific business requirements of your organization
  • Implementation of industry-prevalent interoperability standards such as HL7 v2, FHIR, etc. for data transfer/exchange
  • Extensive testing involving ancillary system vendors, business/operations leaders and IT teams at your organization
  • Post-implementation monitoring and support ensuring 24/7 connectivity without any data-related hiccups
Tap into the power of LabVizor: Pathology Practice LIS.

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